Understanding The Bmx Bike

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Bmx Bike LogoA bmx bike, known as an off-road sporting bicycle, is mostly used for performing stunt riding and can be used for normal riding as well if you like. They were specifically designed for dirt and motocross cycling, but are still bought from several persons who were inspired by a blockbuster movie called “E.T”. The term “bmx” is a shorter term of saying bicycle motocross. They are different bmx bikes, brands and colors to choose from when attempting to purchase a bmx bike of your choice. Bmx bike

Now it’s completely up to you to stunt on whatever bike you choose to, but the bmx bike was purposely made for stunting purposes. These bikes normally come in stronger material than other bikes to prevent risks of injuries when attempting various stunts. The stunts that can be performed on these bikes are amazingly mind-blown, which is why people tend to love watching these performances.

But not everyone who purchases a bmx bike may be interested in stunts. People have their particular reasons for doing what they do. Others might buy a bmx bike simply because they like the style of the bike etc. Majority riders you would see on a bmx bike might be teenagers, for it would be more of the type of bike they’re looking for. After all, the bmx bike is probably the highest bicycle category for children purchasing any bike at all.

Bmx Stunts

These bikes are also the category of bikes that pro riders tend to buy, or put up from scratch, for performing stunts at bicycle sporting events. You would find mostly the pro riders or older riders to be the ones who normally put up a bmx bike from scratch.



Why put up a bmx bike from scratch?

Most people are quite different, and most likely we have different reason for what we do. Some may want to change up the variation of colors to their bike, while others may be after the brand of the parts etc. You’ll find the younger generation mostly buying a bmx bike from the store most of the time, rather than putting up one.

What are bmx stunts?

Bmx stunts are simply any tricks that can be performed by the rider on their bmx bike. Bmx stunts can be varied from easy to very complicated, depending on the skills of the rider.



This video is for demonstration purposes of bmx stunts only! If for any chances you want to grab a bmx, you can check them out right here.

The moment that the ‘bmx bike’ generation had grown, was believed to be from the blockbuster movie entitled “E.T”. Approaching the end of the movie was a scene where full-grown adults, police officers and even government officials where outran by a group of teenagers on bmx bikes, with one of the boys holding E.T on the front of their bikes in a basket.

After thousands around the world watched the movie, majority of those thousands were truly inspired to ride a bmx bike. Even one of the most successful cyclist of all time, Chris Hoy from Edinburgh, Scotland, was encouraged to ride bmx from the finishing scenario of the blockbuster.  “I’d never seen a BMX bike before and it was the scene at the end where they are getting chased by the police and they’re all hammering through the streets on their BMX bikes. And I just thought, ‘Wow, I’d like to give that a go’”, Hoy said to the Telegraph in an interview. He also stated that he was six years of age when he watched the movie.


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